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Our service goes beyond creating a website that looks great, we deliver measurable online success for you.


Web Design Plus is your Darwin based complete provider for all things related to your website and online marketing. We’re dedicated to making websites that do way more than just look good, our websites are an integral part of your business.

We build websites that are valuable tools to help you achieve your online business goals, as such they should include functions that automate, generate leads and convert visitors into customers.

The sad fact is that many web design companies don’t understand there’s a lot more to this than just creating an attractive website. A good web design agency will ensure the website is dynamic and keeps in step with your business.

We’re there to hold your hand or have catch-up sessions over a beer with you if hand holding isn’t macho enough.

The online sales process doesn’t have to be complicated. You’re a small business and don’t have time for manually doing things that your website can look after. That’s where we can help, our forte` is making it simpler for you and ensuring you have the right tools available.

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This depends on a number of factors

How many pages? How complex is the design and each page? Do you require special functions? Do you have the time and are you able to write quality content? To give you some idea of pricing: A simple landing page could run $500 A complex real estate agency website with a custom made searchable database of listings could run $7000-$9500 The most common pricing is between $1500-$3000 Be careful as you navigate the web when you see a 6 page website for a silly price like $599! We have highly experienced web developers and know a 6 page small business website can consume up to 30 hours. Ask yourself what will be the end product of site for less than $20/hr Remember a GOOD website is a business asset and will generate increased sales. Don't fall into the trap of thinking cheapest is best. The best way is to contact us and we can quote the website that will serve your business well.

This will vary depending on the type of website

Once you have provided us with all the requested content, allow around 10 business days for most websites with no special complexities. Complex sites can sometimes take up to 20 business days, once you have provided us with all the requested content.

Sure, we can write your content

Just let us know at the during your initial consultation with us and we'd be happy to factor having a professional copywriter creating your content into the quote. The copywriter is very experienced at creating content that is engaging and converts well.

We're based at tropical Darwin in the Northern Territory

We have created website for business in Darwin and also interstate. We're happy to visit remote and indigenous communities. Skype is also an option if you're not Darwin based. We've had some great Skype consultations in the past, the only difference is we can't bring you a coffee for the consultation.

It can be done but it does take time

Since the Penguin and RankBrain updates by Google, its no longer fooled by spam keywords and links. This is achieved by good "On Page" SEO, clever use of content and a slower natural backlink aquisition. If someone guarantees to get you to the first place on Google in a short time, be extremely careful as they will be using methods that will at best likely get your site penalised by Google and potentially Google banned.

This will vary depending on the type of website

We can arrange this via our sister site Web Hosting Plus. Our plans start from as low as $6.95/m If you have your own preferred hosting provider, that's also totally fine.

It may be possible but we wont match silly quotes.

Our work is premium and we know how much work is involved in a premium website. We quote to do it right first time.

Sure, our Website Care Plans are a perfect for you.

Check our Website Care Plans page for more info