our process

Our process for creating a website you will love is based on project management. We create a great result by ensuring we a clear objective and a documented path.

A great website is created by leaving nothing to chance, we are deliberate and methodical in our approach. The aim is creating a website that you will be proud of and it will be a business asset.


We take the time to listen to your needs.

Our initial consultation will be about discovering the what you would like to achieve with your website and discovering more about your business including your customer demographics.

We ensure we are all on the same page.

We create a website proposal document that wraps up everything we agreed on in our initial meeting. The proposal outlines everything that will be included in your website and how it will function. This eliminates any misunderstanding and keeps the project on time and on budget.

Create a wire frame to show structure

This is usually an exciting phase of the project for the client. The prototype will show you how the website will be laid out and function but without all the graphics and colours. At this stage refinements are easily performed. It gives the client a visual confirmation of everything in the proposal.

A website coming to life.

In this phase we add all the graphics and colour the website. Here we also implement any specialised applications or functionality to the site, things such as shopping carts, member portals, download sections etc. Now you really see what the final product looks like and how it functions.

Making sure stuff works as expected.

We test that all the links and functions of the website work as expected. We check that the text on the site is complete and spell checked. This is an import part of the process as it is better to find any issues rather than your customers finding them.

Exciting and a realisation of our efforts.

We will migrate your website to your server or hosting site and provide you with all project code and data. We also provide a thorough design guide. This outlines the colors, fonts, and styles used in designing your site. This is a valuable document for maintaining a consistent brand identity. In addition, we also provide training on maintaining and updating your site, as well as monitoring site performance using tools like Google Analytics.

A little housekeeping.

We also provide optional Website Care Plans so you can focus on your business and we’ll focus on keeping your site updated. Need Web hosting and server management? We offer Premium Managed Web Hosting and backup services to ensure your site is live and functioning properly. We seek long-term relationships with our clients, and can help your site evolve as your business grows and advances.