Google is going Mobile-First

A Google search is the modern-day equivalent of the Yellow pages. Potential customers research businesses, services and products online and many regularly order products and services directly from the website without ever calling or visiting the business.

Google is the world’s largest search engine and it decides where your website will rank for any search term. When your site ranks well, then it appears on the first pages of search results for the relevant search terms in Google. To rank websites, Google uses complex algorithms to look at elements including the website content, the coding used behind the scenes in writing the website, and who links to the website. Until now, Google has ranked websites based on these factors in the desktop version of the website. This is about to change.

Statistics show that people searching on Google are using smartphones more than any other device. Smart phones and tablets now rule the roost in the online landscape. Desktop PCs which were quite common five years ago are now mainly used in office environments. Go to any electronics store and you will find few if any desktop computers on display.

Google recognised this trend with “Mobilegeddon” which occurred after their algorithm update in April 2015 where Google included mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This update to the Google algorithm meant that your website’s mobile-friendliness affected where your website ranked in search results. Some popular website found their ranking fell, and they were no longer on the first page of relevant searches.

The next revolution in Google ranking is coming in 2018 as Google has announced that there will be an update to their algorithm to make it Mobile-First. This means their search engine results will be based on the mobile version of your website, no longer on the desktop version.

Have you checked your website on iphone and Android smartphones lately? If your website is not mobile friendly then it will rank lower in search results. The exact timing of this update is not yet known but it’s almost upon us. Is your website ready for the 2018 Google Mobile-First update?

You can easily check for yourself here –

If you think your website isn’t up to scratch on mobile devices we can help you get ready for the Google update – give us a call.