Client: Web Hosting Plus

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Client: ASSAT

Anscot Safety Services and Training is great example of a decent website done on a budget for a small owner operated business.

ASSAT is a Port Macquarie NSW based WHS (OH&S) provider, owned and operated by Proprietor Scott Bailey.

We created this project remotely with updates to the client by sharing our screen across a Zoom meeting.  If your business is located outside of Darwin and you would like to work with us, don’t let our location put you off!

We can work with your budget and location when the need arises.

A future update of this website will see a full shopping cart incorporated to facilitate online sale of personal protection equipment (PPE)


Client: David Hancock Photography

Another of our projects nearing completion is David Hancock Photography.

David is a Darwin based photographer who won Australian Geographic’s coveted Photographer of the Year award in 2005.

This project was a full website with many pages.

We also integrated an simple to use Gallery setup that allowed David to easily add and manage gallery photos.

SEO was also a big part of the project and was constructed with this in mind. The site is already ranking in the top 20 results for many of David’s requested search terms.

You can visit the website live Visit Website


Client: IPRANT

We loved working with the Improved Production Racing Association Northern Territory – IPRA NT to complete a major upgrade to their website.

This upgrade included a secured members login section.

Features include:
> Driver profiles
> Monthly IPRANT Newsletters
> Race results
> Race replays
> Galleries
> Membership Sign Up
> IP/CAMS Regs and much more!

If your club needs a boost to have a strong, structured web presence then get in touch and we will make it happen.